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A name you can trust

Brauner Properties combines an in-depth knowledge of the industry and key partnerships within Israel’s banking community to assist you in getting the right loans at the lowest rates.  We pride ourselves in our premium customer service and our track record of making the mortgage process as hassle free as possible.


Mortgage products in Israel can vary greatly from those found in other countries.  Therefore, we put an emphasis on simplifying the mortgage process and educating our clients so they can feel confident that they are making the right financial decision.

Getting a mortgage

Choosing from different mortgage options based on your profile and what makes best economic sense for you.

Selecting the best mortgage bank or lender to work with.

Advising you of the best mortgage rate, to suit your needs

Applying and obtaining mortgage approval.

Negotiate the lowest rate and best terms.

Finding and dealing with lenders and Israeli mortgage brokerages for loans

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